ABVP Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) Student Charter : 2011-12

Student Charter

Student Charter1

Delhi 06 Sep.Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) since its inception has believed that
a student is not just a citizen of tomorrow but a citizen of today. This becomes
more evident in the contemporary context of the problems that are being faced
by our nation and the role of the students to tackle them cannot be undermined.
Problems like corruption, terrorism, Maoist violence and commercialization of
education clearly indicate that students should come forward and take action to
counter them.

ABVP is working in the field of education with a wider vision of National
Reconstruction. The ABVP has been active on various campuses across the
country. Through agitations and other constructive activities ABVP has been
continuously sensitizing the student community on various threats posed to our
national unity.

ABVP considers Delhi University to be one of the most important centers of
student activities. ABVP reiterates its position of neither compromising with
national interest nor with the aspirations and interests of the student community
at any cost. At a time when opportunistic and totalitarian forces are conspiring to
destabilize and jeopardize the national integrity and democratic ethos of India, the
role of ABVP becomes crucial to thwart their ulterior designs.

Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) election 2011-12 is taking place amidst
acute national crisis, which is systemic as well as ideological. In such a critical
situation when various groups are hankering for their share of the pie by sacrificing
national interests; by voting ABVP the student community of Delhi University
would strengthen the nationalist spirit. ABVP led Union will stand for selfless


dedication to India that is Bharat, its unity and integrity.

Delhi University is one of the premier educational hub of this country. Therefore
students’ union election is considered to be very important. The organization
which is contesting against ABVP is the student wing of the party which is heading
the governments, both at centre and state. Both these governments and their
heads are facing corruption charges. If the main organization is so involved in
corruption then there is little left to the imagination of the kind of student leaders
they would be producing.

From time to time, ABVP led students’ Union has consistently tried to raise the
concerns of student community at each and every level. However, there are still
various issues which demand more attention and prompt response from student

In last 12 years not a single new college was opened in Delhi University.

There is unavailability of professional courses in colleges of Delhi University
which is compelling student community to take admission in private institutions
coughing up large amounts of money due to their exorbitantly high fee structure.

Due to lack of hostel facilities on the campus, the nonresident students have
been facing a plethora of problems.

Students are also facing academic problems due to anomalies in
University’s Internal Assessment Scheme.

Safety and security of female students remains a big concern.

Students of Delhi University are yet to get Metro Rail Concession for their
day to day travel.

ABVP has over 42 years of glorious and successful history of its presence on this
campus and earnestly believes that once again students of this campus will give
their mandate to the candidates of ABVP and pose their faith in us. We commit
ourselves to give the students of Delhi University good and honest representation
of their voices. If elected, we believe that our candidates would


live up to the expectations of the student community of this campus


raise their issues and concerns


strive hard to get their problems solved


What an ABVP-led Union will stand for:

Open New Colleges

It is now a well known fact that not a single new college was opened in
Delhi University in the last 12 years. More than 1,85,000 students aspire for
around 54,516 seats in Delhi University. This scarcity of seats leaves more
than 1 lakh students deprived of an opportunity to study in this prestigious


In the last couple of years alone this country has seen scams worth 1 lakh 76
thousand crore (2G scam) and 70 thousand crore (CWG scam). The present
governments at centre and state level i.e. the parent body of NSUI is directly
involved in these scams. If this money was properly utilized then we could
have seen number of new colleges in Delhi University.

ABVP led Union would demand for more seats and colleges in different parts of

Job oriented Courses with Affordable Fee Structure

In the changing scenario, more professional and job oriented courses are
needed with affordable fee structure, but it has been seen that Delhi University
is not coming up with new courses. ABVP led Union would demand the
University administration to open new professional courses like Animation,
Retail management, Public Relations, Travel and Tourism, Performing Arts,
Information Technology, Bio Technology, Business and Economics with an
affordable fee structure.


Demand for East and West Campus

We demand that facilities provided by all the colleges should be uniform
and administration should be decentralized. So we would struggle for the
establishment of East and West Campuses and also demand for a Law Faculty
at the East campus would be placed.


Educational Infrastructure and other issues

We would continue to raise its earlier demand to spend 10% of the total
amount of central budget on Education.



We would also demand to provide free internet facility (Wi-Fi) to the
each and every department and University hostels.

We would demand to introduce evening classes in every college of
the university so that more and more students can avail the facilities of this
prestigious university.

We would demand to arrange U-Special buses and Generators for the
evening classes.

We would demand to increase the number of beds in the university
health centre.

We would demand to inter-link all the libraries of Delhi University.

We would demand the University libraries to remain open 24×7

A great number of students belong to Hindi heartland. They feel problem
with unavailability of books and other study materials in Hindi. ABVP would
demand to arrange all the study material and books in Hindi.

We would demand the University administration to provide for a special
department to provide assistance to DU students coming from various parts
of country. We demand that the stadium made during Common Wealth Games
should be open for common students.

We demand that there should be a large capacity auditorium in the north

There should be more equipments and lab-technicians in science

University should open new subsidized rate canteens in north and south

We would demand for setting up of Coordination Committee of Private
Hostel owners, Land Lords and Students.

Fee Structure

The ABVP is of the opinion that there should be uniformity in fee
structure in all the DU colleges. Various aspects of fee structure of the
university would be analyzed to make it logical and affordable.


Reforms in Admission Process

We would demand from the authorities to make admissions through
sports, cultural and other quotas more transparent.



Fill vacant Seats
We would also try to get the vacant OBC seats in various colleges filled.


Examination Reforms

We demand time bound declaration of examination results

A demand will be placed to make an academic calendar of the whole year
and make it available to students on DU website.

We would demand from the authorities to upload the answer-sheets of
top 5 rankers online.


Internal Assessment

We would try to do away with the anomalies in the University’s Internal
Assessment Procedure.



We would fight for getting student concession Pass in Delhi Metro &
Metro feeder buses.

We would continue our struggle to increase the services of DTC U-
Special buses.

We would also struggle to reduce the student fare of DTC buses and
demand for better connectivity of NCR with the different colleges of Delhi

We would demand shuttle bus services between North and South


Hostel Facility

In the last few years, the Number of students has increased many folds
but number of hostels hasn’t increased in the same proportion. ABVP would
pressurize University administration to plan for new hostels and to ensure
maintenance and up gradation of existing hostels.

We would demand mandatory hostel facilities for Girls’ Colleges
considering the security aspect of the female students.



We would work for the increment in scholarships and demand to link
scholarship with price index.



We would also struggle for uniformity in scholarships to SC/ST/PH
students irrespective of the state they come from.

We would demand for establishment of “Economic Assistance
Committee” to manage a link between Industry-Student-NGOs in order to
provide assistance to economically-weak students.

Secure and Fear-Free Campus

ABVP led a successful movement for the safety of girl students after
the murder of Radhika Tanwar, a student of South Campus. To make female
students more self confident we would organise self-defense Training Camps
in various colleges and university campus.

We would continue with our demand to make North Campus a closed
and compact campus.

We would demand for a 24×7 helpline for students.


Placement Cell

We would work towards making the Placement Cell of Delhi University
- effective, meaningful and job-oriented. We would strive hard to increase
Industry-Institute interaction.


We promise that ABVP led DUSU would pursue the aforementioned agenda
and will always work for a good, academic and secure environment which
provides for creative & constructive student activism on the campus.

We promise that we would consistently struggle till our demands of providing
better facilities to the students’ community is not met completely, in order to
keep in place the culture of healthy academic environment.

The ABVP is totally aware and concerned about its responsibilities and
duties towards the students and youth of this great nation. So it promises
that through DUSU it would work for their best and try to live up to their
expectations. We call upon the student community of Delhi University to take
active participation in the forthcoming DUSU elections and wholeheartedly
support and elect the ABVP’s candidates.






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